Social Jibber Jabber is a small business online Marketing company designed to help businesses, universities, schools and corporations develop and enhance their online presence. We can do this through the design of a social media marketing strategy, onsite social media training, corporate social media training, university staff social media training, college staff social media training, social media workshops and finally, the last piece of the puzzle, an online learning centre, Social Jibber Jabber U. A learning centre designed to help businesses develop their online presence virtually from the comfort of their home or office and on their own time.

Laura Page-Hamelin


A little bit of truth to come out here…
First and foremost, I am a mom to 4 wonderful, busy, excitable, bouncy, hungry, growing, demanding, adorable, loving, busy (did I say busy?), children. Married to a wonderful & supportive husband – also an entrepreneur.   I have a few diplomas and a University degree majoring in Marketing and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I do some acting on the side…which I LOVE! AND finally, I am fluent in English and French, and raise my children as such.

But how did I get to Social Jibber Jabber? Here it is. I was kind of one of those people that floated around trying to figure out what to do with my life. Family and friends would often say something along the lines as “oh, you’ve started another business?”, or “another diploma? Really?”and my answer was always, “yes, but this is going to be great! I love starting something new!”. This wasn’t a far cry from the truth at all. I did like dabbling in new adventures, and often. Since 2001 I have launched 7 small businesses and worked in the corporate world 7 years. I know, do the math. I didn’t stick around too long with any of those small businesses did I? Well, guess what, some of them did very well (i got bored), other ones were doomed from the get go (network marketing is not my thing I discovered). It was during my last maternity leave, when I got let go from my corporate role, that my wheels started spinning again. What will be next? I was visiting my past and analyzing everything I had gone through and started digging into my passions when I figured out a way – a way to make it happen. A way to put all of my strengths together and help others and earn an income. I ran it past my husband (who is always super supportive..thank goodness), and he said go for it! In fact, he came up with the name Social Jibber Jabber!

So, now you can find me running my boutique Social Media Marketing Company from my home office, or at our office downtown, or training companies on site. My business is equipped with a web developer, a copywriter, a graphic designer and me – Social Media Strategist, Brainstormer, Idea Generator & Extroverted Workshop host, host of The Truth Behind the Drive, and Social Media Trainer.

That’s me, in a nutshell.