Sure, you are on social platforms. You are set up and you are online…but something is lacking. What is it? Is it consistently being available to your customers? Is it that you are randomly posting to social media? Or is it that you just don’t have the time to do it because it just takes up too much of your time.

By building a social media strategy, you will be better equipped to minimize the amount of time you spend on social media, you will have better ideas for what to post on your social accounts and you will know the best times to be present. Here is how a social media marketing strategy can get you more leads.

Defining your Actual Audience
Deciding that you are targeting everyone is not necessarily right. You are going to have people who will not support what you are doing. So it is better to know who you are targeting precisely so that you can attract those people and repel the others. If you are not sure on how to define that target audience, try this to walk you through a fun way to define your audience to a tee.

Setting up Achievable Goals
When you set up goals with your social media strategy, you will have something to measure your efforts against. A goal has to be specific and measurable, but most importantly achievable.

Analyzing the Competition
Who are your competitors? Where do they live on social media. Should you be on those platforms too? What are they posting about? writing about? Pod-casting about? What kind of content and when do they post?

Analyse your own efforts
How are your posts performing on the platforms your business is present in? You will want to take a look at the insights on your platforms and see how well received your posts have been. Take a look at images vs links, blog posts vs long posts, videos vs images.

Deciding on Organic Growth or Paid Growth
Figuring out how to reach your audience and feeding them what they are interested in is the first major battle. Now you need to decide whether or not you can be patient and watch your followers grow at a slower pace, typically 1-3 likes a week, or can you decide on a paid growth strategy which allows you to target specific people and attract them through Pay per click and get 10-100 or more per week dependent on how much you want to spend.

Putting it all Together
Once you’ve really analysed everything you are doing right and everything your competitors are doing well, it is time to come up with a solid and realistic plan for your business.

If you are stuck in your strategy or don’t know where to go, there are tons of resources online, or Social Jibber Jabber U offers a great course on building a strong Social Media Marketing Strategy.